Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saving Money on Electric With Your Freezer

Many people wonder what household appliances could be causing their electric bills to skyrocket. Well, all of them very well could be simply all adding up. Here are some nice tips to help save you money:

Freezer Tips:
-Did you know you can put empty containers in your freezer with lids and it will store cold air, it may seem crazy but it really helps. The more you can store that will stay frozen in there, the less empty space that can simply leak out all that cold air.
-Turning your freezer's temperature up. All of your items will remain frozen, you can simply flip the switch a little to cause your freezer to not get as cold and this can save you money and keep your frozens well frozen!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Ways to Save a Little Extra Money

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Many people in this economy are wondering, "What is a good way to save some money?". Well there are many ideas that are just not possible with our day-to-day lives. I'm here to tell you some very easy ways to help.

Easy Ways to Save
Unplug-A easy way to save $5-50 every electric bill! Just unplug any device that is not being used! Plugged in devices, even when off, are still sucking up some electricity, so just unplug it and you won't have to even wonder if it is using any electricity.
Grocery bags-Not only does this help save money but it is also recycling! Take those little bags grocery stores give you to hold your groceries and use them as liners for small bedroom and bathroom trash cans so you won't have to pay much to have to keep buying trash bags, plus you can feel great that you are recycling those bags that are often gone to waste.
Cell phones off-You need your rest at night after those long busy days, so just turn off your cell phone when you head to sleep. It will make sure it is fully charged when you wake up (if you slept long enough) and it will help extend life on your cell phone battery.

Small Companies-Have a favorite local shop? Smaller companies are a number one place to go for your purchases! Not only does it help stimulate the economy but they usually have better prices than any store around! You are helping your fellow neighbor and yourself with this easy way to save.
*Note: I cannot stress how important the idea of buying from small companies is. This is a crucial part to saving money!
Computer Screen-Did you know, changing settings on your computer screen, such as brightness, can actually lower the amount of electricity it uses?

Ceiling Fans-Raising the A/C temperature may seem rough if you don't want to deal with the heat but one way to lowering your elecrticity payment while keeping the cool air flow is ceiling fans. They keep the air constantly moving without using as much electricity as your A/C, causing cheaper electric bills and not much change to your living habits.
Water/Refrigerator-Storing filled gallons (or bottles of water) in your fridge will keep your fridge cooler for longer without it having to turn on the mechanism that cools everything off, causing you to save more money on your electric bill.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Trick With Bad Jewelry

I don't know if anyone has heard of this old trick, but here is something to help you with fake jewlery. You know how fake jewelry loves to give us a nice green tint on our skin or give us allergic reactions, well this is a trick to help stop that from happening. Clear nail polish. All you need is a coat of clear nail polish over your jewelry. This prevents the green tinting from leaving the jewelry and any other reactions. The only thing is, you need to keep reapplying a coat as needed, the nail polish will come off eventually.

Monday, November 23, 2009

RAM: Random-Access Memory

Goes with the article: Speed Modification with RAM, Page Filing & Visual Settings

RAM is the short term for Random Access Memory. This is basically the limit of how many processes your computer can handle at once. RAM is measured in mega-bytes. To see your RAM, press ALT + CTRL + DEL all at once, this opens up a process called Task Manager (if not, task manager should be a choice in the series of choices it posts). At the bottom right of this window, there should be an amount. That amount is the total RAM and page file you have on your system. (*Note: If you want to know more about page files, go to the link above.)

Ram Sizes
I hope this better explains why your computer is slow or why processes are so limited.
256MB-This is the smallest amount of RAM computers have anymore. This little bit is good if you just want your computer to turn on and perform very small tasks such as opening a web page or playing a music.
512MB-The next largest amount of RAM computers have. This allows you to have a little more room to do what you want. With this, you can play games on your computer that do not take up much memory. Still, with this amount of space, you can't play music, a game and have web pages open without those processes to start running slowly.
1GB-The most popular size of RAM for obvious reasons. This one allows you to have your background processes such as firewalls and anti-virus or anti-spyware to be running AND allow you to play games via your internet browser or however you wish.
2GB-Next most popular but that much more expensive. This RAM is typically for multimedia-based computers and those who are running many processes at once.
*Note: RAM goes all the way up to 8GB but they are the same as the 2GB definition.

Purchasing RAM
After hearing so much about this RAM, you're probably thinking, well hey! Where can I get some of this? Well, there are a lot of factors that go in with purchasing the correct RAM for your computer. I will write about it in a later article but for now you can research it on your own. Don't purchase until you have all the information you need! Not just any RAM will work with just any computer.

In Conclusion
RAM is the amount of processes your computer can handle at once. If you're looking to speed up your computer, that is an issue relating towards your processor. You still can help the processes you want to complete by closing out others that are not necessary.